Crazed Dems Now Accuse Trump of Plotting to Destroy Documents That May Not Exist

The Democrat crazy train continues to take on passengers and pick up steam. Trump Derangement Syndrome has driven two high-ranking California Democrats from just plain old batshit to full blown hallucinatory dementia.

The always charming Botox infused banshee Nancy Pelosi has joined the completely insane Adam Schiff in demanding that the White House turn over all documents related to Michael Flynn before they are destroyed by President Donald Trump.

Pelosi is Pelosi, a drooling moonbat who may or may not believe that George W. Bush is still the president and who have been sent shuffling  off to wherever they send crazy old people years ago.

Schiff isn’t yet a household name but he raised eyebrows by accusing Fox host Tucker Carlson of being an agent of the Reds on prime time TV therefore punching his ticket to future stardom in America’s party of haters and paranoiacs.

Politico is reporting “Democrats fear Trump team will destroy Flynn documents”

Top Democrats are trying to get their hands on documents related to ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s ouster, saying they’re worried the Trump White House may destroy evidence to protect the administration.

“What are the Republicans fearing in the truth?” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Thursday. “I’m afraid they’re going to destroy the documents. But the fact that I would even say that, that level of trust has gone so far low in all of this.”

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee sent a letter to White House lawyers Thursday demanding confirmation that all records related to communications between President Donald Trump’s associates and Russia are preserved.

Separately, a pair of senior House Democrats requested a full briefing on the circumstances surrounding Flynn’s resignation, including unfettered access to transcripts of his conversations with Russian officials.

Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, made the request in a letter to acting National Intelligence Director Michael Dempsey Thursday morning.

The new gambit by Dems comes after The Donald called bullshit on their entire phony Russian meme via Twitter:

It’s an interesting mix of Haight-Ashbury LSD tripping during the Summer of Love and 1950’s Cold War hysteria for Pelosi-Schiff but such nuttiness is rampant on the left these days.

It’s a helluva con job too. Now if no evidence of collaboration between the White House and The Kremlin regarding accused deep Russian mole Flynn is found the Dems will just claim that Trump personally fed it into the shredder.

It’ll be an all too common double standard for a lunatic fringe party that has spent months screaming about Russian hacking of the DNC without ever producing a shred of evidence.

Somebody really needs to hide the magic mushrooms from Pelosi.

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  1. Mo Elleithee, the former DNC spokesman who now leads Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service, told The Hill that the key to the Democrats’ success will be whether they can use their efforts to push forward a message, instead of just pushing damaging information about Trump without a strategy — “constantly chasing a shiny object.

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