Democrat Senator Grills Tillerson Over Border Wall Despite Being Under Indictment for Corruption

One Senator who truly exemplifies Democratic party values is Robert “Bob” Menendez. The New Jersey Democrat is currently under federal indictment for political corruption but that didn’t temper his blistering attack on Donald Trump’s Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson.

The Cuban-American bad boy went for the jugular over the controversial border wall, a topic near and dear to the hearts of wetbacks and scratch backs hoping for Congress to find a way to grant blanket amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. It’s damn good politics for Menendez who needs all the help he can get due to his legal troubles.

Breitbart News reports “Menendez Grills Tillerson on Mexico: Communists Build Walls Like in Berlin”:

Wednesday during the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s hearing for President-elect Donald Trump’s Secretary of State nominee, former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson, Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) criticized Trump’s proposed border wall by saying, “The last time a country tried to wall itself completely from a neighbor was in Berlin in 1961. And that wall was constructed by communist East Germany.”

Per an excerpt from the transcripts:

MENENDEZ: Let me turn to Mexico, a little different part of the world than we have been discussing. Some of us care about the Western Hemisphere. Last week the president-elect stated any money spent on the wall will be paid by Mexico. Mr. Tillerson, build a wall on the southern border and having Mexico pay for it has been a hallmark chant at Trump rallies. Now the president-elect says the American people will pay for it and have Mexican reimburse us. I also want to point out the last time a country tried to wall itself completely from a neighbor was in Berlin in 1961. And that wall was constructed by communist East Germany. The former Mexican president last week tweeted that — somehow we are conducting foreign policy by tweets these days — that ‘Trump may ask whoever he wants but still neither myself nor Mexico are going to pay for his racist monument. Another promise he can’t keep.’ Close quotes. As you’re well aware, the president-elect has repeatedly referred to Mexican citizens who have come to the United States as saying they’re sending, quote, ‘people that have lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems with them. They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists and some, some I assume are good people.’ So Mr. Tillerson, do you think Mexicans are criminals drug dealers and rapists?

TILLERSON: I would never characterize an entire population of people with any single term at all.

MENENDEZ: Do you think that those comments help our relationship with Mexico, our third largest trading partner, a trading partner that represents $583 billion in trades of goods and services, including our second largest goods export market?

TILLERSON: Mexico is a long-standing neighbor and friend of this country.

MENENDEZ: And so that doesn’t help your job as secretary of state, does it, if you are to achieve nomination?

TILLERSON: Well, we’re going to engage with Mexico because of their importance to us in this hemisphere and we have many common issues of concern.

Turning to red-baiting as their bread and butter, Menendez and fellow Cuban Marco Rubio are filling a huge void after Fidel Castro packed his bags and moved to Hell.

The Miami motormouth was on fire today, railing at Tillerson like a salsa dipped version of Tail Gunner Joe and is practically vowing to not approve him for the top spot at Foggy Bottom. But as history has shown, Little Marco is a political prostitute extraordinaire and is likely only holding out for a better bribe.

For a refresher on Menendez, this humble author previously wrote in my 2015 article “Powerful Democrat Senator Indicted on Corruption Charges”:

Menendez is no doubt dirty but so are the vast majority of United States Senators who betray their country on a daily basis and whore themselves out to the highest bidder. The Senator is no stranger to ugly allegations of misconduct and seems to have a taste for sweet young tail, it wasn’t long ago that he was accused of frolicking with underage prostitutes but he was able to wiggle out by blaming it all on Fidel Castro. The Daily Beast, which is pretty much a liberal website has an interesting piece on Menendez entitled “The Soaking Tub Bob Menendez Craved” that is worth a read if only for some of the juicier tidbits like:

If the indictment unsealed this week lands Sen. Bob Menendez in a prison cell, he will at least have the memory of the $1,536.96-a-night suite with a woman in a five-star Paris hotel—thanks to the generosity of his good friend and now co-defendant, Dr. Salomon Melgen.

“King bed, work area with internet, limestone bath with soaking tub and enclosed rain shower,” Menendez wrote in an email allegedly asking his pal to make the reservation and pick up the tab.

And if the same indictment keeps Melgen separated by prison walls from any possible female company, he will at least have the memory of the three girlfriends who secured visas to visit him—thanks to the efforts of Menendez.

The Daily Beast article closes with the hysterical lines “Maybe he and Melgen can somehow explain it all. Otherwise, they will be going to a place where there is no rain shower and no girls at all”. That is a sugar-coated way of saying that the prissy, entitled Senator may soon end up being the bitch of some big fat smelly gold-toothed black career criminal being pimped out for cigarettes and bubble gum. It’s a damned good start but why stop at Menendez? Drain the whole damned swamp in Washington.

Well, now we are about to have a leader who has promised to do exactly that.

Hopefully once the disgraceful, race-baiting dog and pony show that the confirmation hearings for Jeff Sessions is over with and the new Attorney General officially approved the DOJ can stop dragging it’s feet on the issue with Menendez and send him packing off to a prison cell.

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