Democrat Senator Who Was Indicted for Corruption Calls for Probe Into Trump-Russia Conspiracy Theories

You just can’t make stuff like this up. In a crazed Bungee jump into the very abyss of madness, a corrupt and disgraced Democrat is demanding a probe into alleged Trump administration ties to Russia.

New Jersey’s senior Democrat, Senator Robert Menendez has joined with his colleague Senator Cory Booker aka Obama v.2 to demand an independent probe into Trump that is based upon no proof outside of a boatload of crazed conspiracy theories.

Menendez is hardly a credible messenger though considering that he was indicted by the feds for bribery and corruption in 2015. A sign of just how blatant that Senator Bob may have violated the law is that the charges came under the Obama Justice Department which was at the time controlled by jackleg fixer Eric Holder who is hardly a man known for going after members of his own political party.

According to New “Senate Dems seek independent probe of Russia’s ties to Trump”:

An independent investigation is needed into Russian involvement in last year’s presidential election and Russian interactions with President Donald Trump’s campaign and transition team, New Jersey’s two Democratic senators said Wednesday as fallout from the firing of the national security adviser Michael Flynn roiled the Capitol.

“The very integrity of our systems is at stake,” said Bob Menendez, a Democrat from Paramus and a senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He said Congress not only needs to understand who Flynn contacted, and whether he was instructed to do so by someone else, but also whether it affected the election and would impact efforts to get Russia to leave Crimea and stop battles in eastern Ukraine.

Menendez and a bipartisan group of senators, including John McCain, R-Ariz., proposed expanding sanctions on Russia last month. On Wednesday, Menendez said Congress needs to know, as it considers that legislation, if Trump or others in his administration have economic interests connected to Russia.

But there is more than a bit of hypocrisy afoot here. The federal indictment seems to be a tip-off that Menendez himself is corrupt and by allying himself with the seditious warmonger John McCain who is travelling the globe to bolster his case to topple Trump it is not exactly an honest game being played here.

The inclusion of Cory Booker is a given considering that he has already informally launched his 2020 bid for the White House with his shameless testimony against Attorney General Jeff Sessions during the Senate confirmation hearings.

Sore loser Democrats are escalating their demands for inquisitions to keep the phony Russian crap in the headlines while McCain and his fellow globalists race the clock to keep the lucrative new Cold War on track which is in serious jeopardy due to Trump’s alarming lack of hostility towards Putin. Those demanding hostilities with nuclear powerhouse Russia have yet to articulate to Americans exactly why risking WW III to satisfy egomaniacs and juice arms sales would be in their best interest. Don’t anyone hold your breath waiting either.

The best thing for America would be that if the Justice Department – now under Sessions’ control – would stop dragging its feet on the Menendez matter as well as open a full investigation into McCain’s foreign trips and contacts with suspected Islamic terrorists , Ukranian fascists and neo-Nazis as well as what’s in it for him. Probes into Senator McCain are long overdue and his Vietnam captivity shouldn’t immunize him from the scrutiny and accountability that he his richly deserving of.

These are truly surreal times in which we are living when scum the likes of Menendez and McCain are allowed to call the shots in what is clearly an effort to overthrow a legitimately elected president.

The cleaning out of the corruption in Congress is of the utmost importance when it comes to Trump’s fulfilling of his campaign promise to drain the swamp because as Senator Menendez puts it, the very integrity of our systems is at stake.

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