Democrats’ Sad Decline Into Madness Continues as the Spelling Police Attack Trump

The Democrats’ sad journey from the White House to the crazy house took another big step on Saturday when an unhinged Senator attacked President-elect Donald Trump over a Twitter spelling error. Chris Murphy who is an unhinged, gun-grabbing moonbat from Connecticut ripped into Trump over a tweet that contained – GASP! – a misspelling of the word unprecedented.

Anyone who tweets regularly understands how easy that it is to make a goof or have the word overridden by that damned auto-spell – which is especially the case when using a very small keyboard like an iPhone – and the rapidity that Murphy pounced shows an advanced level of Trump Derangement Syndrome of which there is no easy cure for.

According to The Hill “Dem senator slams Trump for misspelling in tweet about China”:

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) on Saturday morning slammed President-elect Donald Trump for misspelling a key word in a tweet about military activity in the South China Sea.

“This is madness. A 7:30am Saturday escalation of diplomatic crisis w China via Twitter, w misspelling.” Murphy wrote, linking to the now-deleted Trump tweet with the misspelled word.

What is “madness” is the rapid degeneration of the Democrats into a gaggle of hysterics, conspiracy theorists, red-baiters, diaper dumpers, fussbudgets, tantrum throwers and full blown whackos since the election didn’t go the way that they wanted it. It’s hard to say who are the bigger morons, Senator Murphy or his 126,000 Twitter followers who think that this clown has anything of value to say.

Trump deleted the incorrect tweet and re-tweeted the message minus the error, hey this stuff happens but is only a national crisis with anally retentive Democrats.

Murphy is a particularly unhinged nut job whose own Twitter feed may not have many misspelled words but is chock full of wingnuttery that makes it a given that a brand new tin foil hat is at the top of his Christmas wish list.

A small sample:

This dude is seriously in need of some really potent meds.

Interestingly, the teeming sewer of liberal swill that is the New York Daily News just published an article on Trump’s misspelled tweets so this looks to be the newest line of attack for Democrats who have yet to find something… anything, that damages Trump which as recent history has shown, is a fool’s errand.

I only wish that I was joking but this is how pathetic that the Democrats have become.

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