Disreputable Donna Brazile Says Obama’s Punishment of Putin Not Enough

Democratic party hack Donna Brazile is really pissed off that Emperor Barack Obama’s kicking of thirty-five Russian diplomats out of the country didn’t go far enough. Mr. Obama promised to punish Putin over the alleged hacking of key Democrats and meddling in the election and delivered on Thursday.

Despite offering no proof of the hacking outside of a sloppily assembled FBI-DHS report filled with technical mumbo jumbo, El Presidente ordered the expulsions. While the media cheerleaders jumped up and down and waved their pom-poms for Big O there were many who remained unimpressed.

Like cheatin’ Donna.

According to The Hill “Interim DNC chair: Obama admin’s response to Russia ‘insufficient'”:

Democratic National Committee (DNC) interim Chairwoman Donna Brazile on Thursday called the Obama administration’s retaliatory measures for hacking Democratic groups “insufficient.”

Brazile said that although she welcomes President Obama’s new measures in response to Kremlin’s hacking campaign, the actions of the Russian government should be treated as “attacks on the United States by a foreign power.”

“We applaud President Obama for taking these actions in response to the Russian government-sponsored cyberattacks on the DNC, the Clinton campaign, and our free and fair elections. However, more must be done,” Brazile said in a statement.

“[T]oday’s action alone by the White House is insufficient. Now it’s time for President-elect [Donald] Trump and the Republican leadership in Congress to put our national security before politics and show the American people that they are serious about protecting our democracy,” she added.

It’s not hard to understand why dirty Donna is mightily peeved. Those infamous emails that revealed all manner of internal Democrat skullduggery as they worked to stack the deck against poor old Bernie Sanders contained damning evidence that Brazile was feeding debate questions to Queen Hillary while she was an employee of CNN. Once the news broke that Donna was fixing the game, the network had no choice but to save face by firing her.

She’s far from the only Democrat who wants to exact maximum vengeance against Putin as a scapegoat for their own shortcomings.

Just imagine how many of the soiled diaper wearing sore losers lost out on plum positions with the all but certain Clinton administration and had their plans dashed when Rust Belt voters revolted after being ignored by Hillary. It’s quite a fall from being a prospective White House staffer to a barista or crumb sweeper at Starbucks and it’s only human nature to be resentful over having such a crushing blow dealt to on’es dreams. In Brazile’s case, a new tenure at the DNC was a near lock under Hillary but that isn’t gonna happen after the November dumpster fire.

It’s just incredible that people the likes of Brazile continue to be given legitimacy by the media despite her sleazy history.

Originally published at Downtrend.com

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