Fake News Peddler Kurt Eichenwald Vows Legal Action Over Alleged Epilepsy Trigger Tweet

Hillary fanboy and Newspeak Newsweek reporter Kurt Eichenwald is the perfect poster boy for the new totalitarian left. Liberals have become a deranged pack of intolerant, oppressive goons in the aftermath of Hillary’s loss and delight in calling for the state to crush their enemies.

The chubby schlub Eichenwald was still steaming after being scalded alive by Fox host Tucker Carlson over his anti-Trump conspiracy theories whey he took to Twitter to vent. Soon thereafter he claimed that a pro-Trump troll sent him a tweet-beam intended to trigger his epilepsy and called the cops.

According to Mediaite “Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald Claims Twitter Troll Gave Him Seizure, Taking Social Media Hiatus”:

In a bizarre twist in the aftermath of Newsweek reporter Kurt Eichenwald‘s highly contentious interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Eichenwald announced that he was taking a break from Twitter after a troll caused him to have a seizure.

Eichenwald posted over fifty angry and generally incoherent tweets in the aftermath of the interview, eventually deleting most of them. His critics, already displeased with Eichenwald for his stridently anti-Trump rhetoric, began trolling him. One alt-right account with the anti-Semitic handle “@jew_goldstein” posted a gif with rapidly flashing lights.

The serial lie spreader was able to avoid going into a full tongue-biting, flopping around like a fish seizure because he managed to drop his iPad face down in the nick of time.

His following Twitter activity vowed legal action against the maliciously inclined tweeter:

It has not been a very good week for Eichenwald who even before being gutted like a pig by Tucker Carlson had to suffer the indignity of his fake news story about Trump supporters booing deceased American icon John Glenn being retracted by Newsweek. He also has spent months trying to use his Newsweek cred to push some of the most batshit crazy hit pieces against Trump such as the thoroughly debunked Franklin Foer fairy tale that Trump had a secret server to communicate with a Russian bank.

Not to say that his hiatus from Twitter isn’t because of being hit with an epilepsy beam but considering how badly that he has been punked it probably is a good idea to keep a low profile for awhile.

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