Gaggle of Celebrity Scum Stage Big New York Anti-Trump Protest

Loudmouth leftist lardass Michael Moore and a galaxy of whiny celebrity narcissists gathered in front of Trump Tower on Thursday to play to the media, The elephantine filmmaker was joined by zany Trump impersonator Alec Baldwin, faux tough guy Robert DeNiro and the Incredible Hulk aka Mark Ruffalo as well as political figures Al Sharpton and Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Yahoo News reports “Thousands join Alec Baldwin, Michael Moore in pre-inauguration protest outside Trump Hotel”:

Thousands of New Yorkers — led by a star-studded roster of speakers and performers — gathered outside the Trump International Hotel in New York City Thursday evening to protest Donald Trump on the eve of his inauguration.

“This is the beginning of the 100 days of resistance,” declared filmmaker Michael Moore, who led the pre-inauguration rally along with other outspoken Trump critics, including Alec Baldwin, Mark Ruffalo, Rosie Perez and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“[Trump] is a bad example of this country, this city,” said De Niro, before reading several mock tweets that he predicted Trump might write about him later that night.

From healthcare to immigration to islamophobia and LGBT rights, there were almost as many issues addressed at the rally as there were speakers who took the stage. However, the overarching message of the evening was one of unity — and the power in numbers.

“We are the majority,” said Michael Moore, referring to the millions of Americans who voted against Trump. “There’s more of us than there are of them.”

Nearby, a group of New York City public school teachers — with the exception of one man, who identified himself as Jeffrey Ellis-Lee — were equally hesitant to share their names.

Pinned to each of their jackets was a yellow piece of paper with a lowercase letter “i” which, Ellis-Lee explained, “represents that Trump is an illegitimate president.”

One of the teachers, a young woman who declined to give her first or last name, said that beyond their own opposition to Trump and “the things that he said on the campaign trail,” she and her colleagues were motivated to attend Thursday night’s rally because of the fear and concern expressed by many of their immigrant students in the wake of the election.

“We had a number of students crying, freaked out that they would be picked up by somebody because what they understood from the news was that they were not wanted,” she said.

Another teacher, who identified herself only as Emily, chimed in: “If it hasn’t been bad enough nationally, having a population of kids who are directly affected by everything he’s been saying and everything he’s been proposing is very hard to experience.”


The Unwashed Rabble Flock to Hear Messiah Michael Moore

That many would put their faith in celebrity clowns the likes of the wretched bunch outside of Trump International Hotel is a testament to the successful dumbing down of America by leftist extremists and their allies in big media.

After lambasting Trump for the cameras, the carnival of leftist perversion will pack up and go to Washington where Moore will muster his army of domestic terrorists for his 100 day resistance. If violence does indeed break out – as has been encouraged by some – then the authorities should throw the book at the rotund gadfly for crossing state lines in order to incite a riot.

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