Hysterical Fruitbag Lindsey Graham Indicates Active Investigations of Trump Administration Over Russian Ties

One of the greatest mysteries of modern American politics is the continued disproportionate amount of influence possessed by John McCain and Lindsey Graham. The warmongering senators are given an incredible amount of deference by Imperial Washington and the establishment media that is baffling and flies in the face of how government is supposed to operate.

Graham ran as a Republican candidate but dropped out after failing to garner even one percent of the vote in a crowded field. McCain bears great responsibility for the Obama nightmare after his miserably run 2008 presidential campaign put Dear Leader into the White House. Yet both have emerged as the loudest cheerleaders for war with Russia as well as authoritative voices on the still unproven conspiracy theory of Vladimir Putin stealing the election from Hillary and they are becoming more aggressive by the day.

The Bobbsey twins both hit the Sunday morning blabfest circuit which serves as a launching pad for the upcoming week’s official state propaganda where they held court with the power-suckling, pathetic excuse for a journalist Chuck Todd. Graham suggested that Republicans who were skeptical of the joint intelligence report may be traitors but also made a dangerous suggestion that Trump administration figures were already under secret government investigation.

As reported by NBC News “Lindsey Graham, John McCain Urge Trump to Sanction Russia for Election Hacks”:

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said it would “shake me to my core” about President-elect Donald Trump’s judgment if he refused to accept the intelligence community’s findings that Russians influenced the election to help him win — and on Friday, that was exactly Trump’s response to a classified briefing on the subject.

“I hope you will embrace the intelligence, you will join the Republicans and Democrats to push back against Russia to make sure this stops and doesn’t happen again. If after the briefing he is still unsure, that will shake me to my core about his judgment,” he said in a joint interview with Arizona Sen. John McCain on NBC’s “Meet the Press” conducted prior to Trump’s Friday briefing.


In the interview, conducted prior to Trump’s statement, Graham said “it’s incumbent upon him to make the case as to why [the intelligence findings] are wrong.”

“I think he needs to come before the American people and be specific as why he does not believe what most of us believe,” he said.

Graham said the two plan to introduce tougher sanctions on Russia’s economic and energy sectors, and “give President Trump an opportunity to make Russia pay a price for interfering in our election so it will deter others in the future.

“I hope he will take advantage of it,” he said.


And Graham warned that “if our policies don’t change vis a vis Russia, the worst is yet to come.”

During the campaign Trump’s critics pointed to the fact that a number of Trump’s closest advisers — including his former campaign manager Paul Manafort and incoming National Security Adviser Gen. Mike Flynn — have deep ties to the Russian government in ascribing motive to the Russian hackers. Some went so far as to question whether there was coordination between Trump’s campaign and Russian actors — and Graham suggested those concerns were the subject of an active government investigation.

“I believe that it’s happening,” he said when asked if such investigations were underway. “But you need to talk to them because I don’t want to speak for them.”

Let that sink in. The Obama regime’s politicized intelligence agencies run by his hand picked cronies are colluding with sitting members of Congress to mount what by all appearances seems to be a coup against the incoming administration. How is that even remotely American?

Once Trump takes office it is imperative that he direct every resource at his disposal to get to the bottom of exactly why McCain and Graham are able to drive the agenda while gallivanting around in overseas hot spots to stir up trouble on what appear to be missions that are unsanctioned by the sitting administration. This has been going on regardless of who happens to be in the White House and only serves to undermine the interests and security of the American people.

Something is very rotten with these two.

Originally published at Downtrend.com

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