Obama’s Lynch Mob Intel Agencies Launch Politically Motivated Trump-Russia Witch Hunt

In another stunning abuse of power it was revealed that Obama’s politicized alphabet soup agencies are engaged in a probe of alleged Trump-Kremlin ties. The news broke two days before Mr. Transparency is set to leave office and is once again based on hearsay and baseless conspiracy theories.

Word of the investigation was once again leaked and the report relies on the usual anonymous sources, a standard procedure for the ongoing efforts to undermine Trump’s presidency from the get go.

According to McClatchy “FBI, 5 other agencies probe possible covert Kremlin aid to Trump”:

The FBI and five other law enforcement and intelligence agencies have collaborated for months in an investigation into Russian attempts to influence the November election, including whether money from the Kremlin covertly aided President-elect Donald Trump, two people familiar with the matter said.

The agencies involved in the inquiry are the FBI, the CIA, the National Security Agency, the Justice Department, the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and representatives of the director of national intelligences , the sources said.


Investigators are examining how money may have moved from the Kremlin to covertly help Trump win, the two sources said. One of the allegations involves whether a system for routinely paying thousands of Russian-American pensioners may have been used to pay some email hackers in the United States or to supply money to intermediaries who would then pay the hackers, the two sources said.

All agencies involved (with the exception of FINCEN) have been furiously working to conjure up evidence that would implicate Putin in Trump’s election. It is the continuation of a pattern for Obama who showed his true colors as a smiling tyrant when he unleashed the IRS against conservative Tea Party groups several years ago.

But this probe takes the cake in that it is investigating COVERT Kremlin aid to Trump, something which seems to be coordinated with the Democratic party itself as made evident when moonbat Maxine Waters let the cat out of the bag that Russia coined the term “Crooked Hillary” for Trump to use.

More from McClatchy:

The informal, inter-agency working group began to explore possible Russian interference last spring, long before the FBI received information from a former British spy hired to develop politically damaging and unverified research about Trump, according to the sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the inquiry.

On Jan. 6, the director of national intelligence released a declassified report that concluded Russian President Vladimir Putin had ordered an influence campaign to “undermine faith in the U.S. democratic process,” damage Hillary Clinton’s election prospects and bolster Trump’s. The campaign included the hacking of top Democrats’ emails and fake news distributed by Russian sources.

The president-elect, who will be inaugurated Friday, has said he believes Russia was involved with the hacking, and he has called allegations that he or his associates were involved a “political witch hunt” and a “complete and total fabrication.”

Trump has yet to say whether FBI Director James Comey will be retained. The rest of Trump’s newly appointed intelligence and law enforcement chiefs will inherit the investigation, whose outcome could create national and international fallout.

The entire McClatchy piece can be read here.

The agencies will all soon be headed up by Trump appointees instead of Obama’s stooges and this massive pilfering of taxpayer money to finance what is basically a political operation can be brought to a screeching halt.

That would however give Trump’s foes the ammo that they need to launch impeachment proceedings by claiming that the new president was obstructing justice by covering up alleged ties between his campaign and the Kremlin – a trap that has likely been set with that very intent. The really neat trick of this story is that it claims that the investigation was launched last spring which patches another hole in a rapidly leaking and shifting narrative that continues to divert attention from the DNC itself and the possibility that the whole thing may be an inside job.

Trump should not only clean house when it comes to Obama’s personal Gestapo fiefdoms but also order his own probe into the abuse and manipulation of US intelligence agencies by the outgoing regime which should be held fully accountable for this travesty.

Originally published at Downtrend.com

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