Report: McCain Gave FBI Director Comey Secret Dossier on Trump and Russia

The Never Trumpers are making their big move with a furious offensive to overturn the election and deny Donald Trump the presidency that he won fair and square. With a relentless push by the establishment media, the final coordinated smear campaign against Trump before inauguration day could be the crowning achievement of Obama’s politicized intelligence services.

On a day when Democrats were ripping Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions into bloody chunks, CNN unleashed a lurid report from Obama’s intelligence stooges. The CNN scoop really outdid itself with anonymous accusations that the Ruskies had material detailing kinky sexcapades that would be used by The Kremlin to control Trump through blackmail – never mind that none of the sleazy information in the big report has been verified, the media ran with it anyway.

Liberals cheered and Rachel Maddow had a certain gleam in her eye as she drooled over the salacious details provided by former British intelligence operatives on alleged golden showers.

But it gets even better! None other than Senator John McCain has reportedly passed a secret dossier on Trump to FBI Director James Comey lending credence to Lindsey Graham’s claim that a shadowy federal investigation of Trump had been undertaken.

According to The Guardian “FBI chief given dossier by John McCain alleging secret Trump-Russia contacts”:

Senator John McCain passed documents to the FBI director, James Comey, last month alleging secret contacts between the Trump campaign and Moscow and that Russian intelligence had personally compromising material on the president-elect himself.

The material, which has been seen by the Guardian, is a series of reports on Trump’s relationship with Moscow. They were drawn up by a former western counter-intelligence official, now working as a private consultant.

The Guardian has not been able to confirm the veracity of the documents’ contents, and the Trump team has consistently denied any hidden contacts with the Russian government.


The Guardian can confirm that the documents reached the top of the FBI by December. Senator John McCain, who was informed about the existence of the documents separately by an intermediary from a western allied state, dispatched an emissary overseas to meet the source and then decided to present the material to Comey in a one-on-one meeting on 9 December, according to a source aware of the meeting. The documents, which were first reported on last year by Mother Jones, are also in the hands of officials in the White House.

McCain is not thought to have made a judgment on the reliability of the documents but was sufficiently impressed by the source’s credentials to feel obliged to pass them to the FBI.

The Senate armed services committee, which Senator McCain chairs, launched an inquiry last week into Russian cyber-attacks during the election.

McCain was reluctant to get involved, according to a colleague, for fear the issue would be dismissed as a personal grudge against Trump. He pushed instead for the creation of a special Senate committee to look into connections between campaign staff and Moscow, but the proposal was blocked by the Republican leadership.

McCain told the NBC programme Meet the Press on Sunday: “I would like to see a select committee. Apparently that is not in agreement by our leadership. So we will move forward with the armed services committee and I’m sure foreign relations and intelligence committee will as well.”

But the senator added: “It is possible if enough information comes out, that that decision could be reversed. I still think it’s the best way to attack the issue.”

Asked on the same programme on whether an investigation was ongoing into campaign links to Moscow, Senator Lyndsey Graham, another conservative Republican said: “I believe that it’s happening.”

This is pure political dynamite and gives an arsenal full of ammo to those seeking to block Trump’s inauguration next week in an extraordinary intervention to keep a Kremlin mole out of the Oval Office. It also has the smell of a certain rodent given that Comey was prodded to acknowledge an FBI investigation of Trump had been undertaken during Tuesday’s Senate red scare hearing.

McCain has gone totally rogue now and it’s more than just getting payback against Trump over those comments questioning his war hero legend. This is increasingly looking like a coup d’etat in the making and being led by a man whose ability to influence foreign and not domestic policy goes far beyond the power of a mere U.S. Senator.

To call it treason would be an understatement.

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