Republican Congressman Says CIA is Lying About Secret Report

A Republican Party congressman has dared to challenge the Democrats and the media Muppets with his ballsy comments that the CIA’s secret report on Russian election hacking is bullshit. New York’s Peter King is sure to be ripped to shreds as a Kremlin mole for his vile blasphemy at exactly the time that the entire establishment is looking to cement their red scare narrative into place.

According to The Hill “Peter King calls report of CIA conclusion ‘a lie'”:

Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) on Sunday blasted the Democratic Party and the intelligence community for claiming that Russia was trying to help President-elect Donald Trump win the election.

In an interview with John Catsimatidis on 970 AM in New York, King said that the reported CIA conclusion that the Kremlin intervened in the election to help Trump was “a lie.”

“There is no CIA report, there is no CIA conclusion,” King said. “This is somebody in the CIA, or somebody in the intelligence community, or someone in the House or the Senate who’s taken some piece of information and are saying it.”

He also blasted intelligence leaders for refusing to brief the House on its investigation into the Russian hacks, calling it the “height of arrogance.”

“I mean to have your own intelligence agency working against the man who was elected president of the United States is a disgrace,” he said.

King just smacked the ball out of the park on a number of counts.

1: There is no way to verify media stories that are using that CIA report as the basis for claims of Russian election meddling if it is locked down tighter than the JFK assassination records.

2: The leakage of the secret report to selective media sources by high level sources who attended a secret briefing was clearly a politically motivated move by sore loser Dems.

3: The refusal of the CIA to brief Congress on their conclusions while selectively leaking in order to maximize public suspicion against President-elect Trump is a big indication that the report is bullshit.

4: Considering the long history of the CIA in staging coups against foreign leaders deemed undesirable, it isn’t a reach that elements within the agency are now looking to pull off a domestic regime change operation.

There surely will be hell to pay for Congressman King but now that he has said what needed to be said it could encourage others to do likewise.

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