Trump Calls Out Big Media as the Enemy of the American People

Following up on a tour de force Thursday press conference where he pummeled the presstitutes, President Donald Trump dropped the big one. Taking to his weaponized Twitter feed Trump detonated the truth bomb that big media is the enemy of the American people.

Trump finally dispensed with the bullshit and told it exactly as it is, the only real problem with his tweet is that it omitted the Washington Post. It would be a declaration of war on the media had they not themselves declared war on Trump first.

As could be expected the Democrats and their media mouthpieces did not take Trump’s scorn and denunciations kindly.

The weasel Morning Joe’s invocation of the First Amendment will be flogged until it becomes a dead horse as the establishment fights back. That is a very dishonest interpretation though as press freedom shouldn’t apply to paid propagandists, partisan hacks, power sucklers, shills, ┬ácelebrities and conduits for officials seeking to push agenda driven disinformation.

That is what the media has come to be saturated with. When Slick Willie signed off on the Telecommunications Act of 1996 he might as well have signed the death warrant for the free press because it’s been downhill ever since.

The ensuing wave of mergers eventually consolidated the domestic media into a handful of mega-corporations while honest reporters and serious investigative journalists were purged. That’s why tainted sleazeballs the likes of Joe Scarborough and his ilk have supplanted real news with fake news and the mainstream media has become the fakestream media.

Fortunately the ongoing exposure of big media as a lying agenda driven horseshit factory has given rise to a diverse and vibrant independent media that fills the vacuum and thanks to Trump is growing more popular by the day.

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