Trump Just Dropped the Mother of All Bombs On Democrats and Their Stupid Resistance Movement

You have to give one thing to President Donald Trump and that is that the dude has balls of steel.

In what will go down in history as one of the most remarkable turnarounds in modern political history, Trump has stunned his enemies and even has a previously hostile media eating out of his hand today.

All that it took was a missile volley into Syria and the dropping of the largest non-nuclear bomb in the arsenal on Afghanistan and even an inveterate anti-Trumper like Lindsey Graham is peeing his panties like an excited schoolgirl.

While the wisdom of last Thursday’s missile strikes on a Syrian airbase as a reprisal for what still may be a false flag gas attack is debatable, one thing that isn’t is that those strikes were a huge political boon for Mr. Trump – at least in the short term. The Russian conspiracy stories that that had saturated the airwaves and print media disappeared virtually overnight.

Despite the horse-faced lesbian Rachel Maddow who continues to howl at the moon – doing her best imitation of Tail Gunner Joe in drag – the great Trump as Kremlin puppet conspiracy appears to be just about dead and buried. Talk about career suicide for MSNBC’s top rated Hillary dead-ender but Ms. Maddow is going to have a difficult time recovering from this as will the rest of the left who bet the house on a bluff and got called on it.

Trump followed up the Syria attack with Thursday’s dropping of a MOAB (Mother of All Bombs) on ISIS positions in Afghanistan. Something that scared the living crap out of the locals – the Guardian reports that some were comparing it to the “heavens falling” and serving notice on the troublemakers in North Korea that they will be next if they don’t get their shit together and stop threatening America. All of this has Democrats totally twisted into knots, confused as hell and otherwise flummoxed.

If Trump opens a can of whip-ass on L’Enfant terrible Kim Jong Un over the weekend he will most certainly spike in even the cooked polls, rendering irrelevant the small army of jagoffs who will be marching on D.C. on Saturday to demand that POTUS release his tax returns.

As the old saying goes, a week in politics is an eternity and consequently, the Democrats are getting closer to spending an eternity out of power.

The solution for Democrats? Crazy Bernie and hateful Tom Perez will be embarking upon a cross-country barnstorming tour to promote unity and fire up the snowflakes for a defense of Planned Parenthood:

And the usual clueless cavalcade of clowns are a day late and a dollar short in questioning Trump’s use of the MOAB after they neutered themselves as any sort of antiwar opposition by throwing in with the insane, blood-soaked warmonger Hillary Clinton.

Someone within the hierarchy of the blue jackass party had better get a clue and quick or Hiroshima and Nagasaki will look like nothing compared to what will be left of them next November.

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