Washington Post Preps for War on Trump by Hiring Dozens of New Fake News Reporters

With Donald Trump coming to Imperial Washington next month the business for smear merchants will be positively booming. In a big announcement that is clearly intended to shore up confidence in the abysmal failure of the establishment media, the Washington Post is adding bodies in preparation for the soon to go fully nuclear war on Trump.

According to Politico “’Profitable’ Washington Post adding more than five dozen journalists”:

Twenty-sixteen was the year The Washington Post came of age — again. In its audience growth, in the ambitiousness of its journalism, in its impact on the American conversation, the Post became the U.S.’s fourth national newspaper company, joining The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

Now, come 2017, the Post seems to be doing something unique in daily journalism: It is adding journalists early in the year.

“We’re adding dozens of journalists,” Fred Ryan, the Post’s publisher and CEO, told me late last week. Ryan, in a recent memo, said the Post was “profitable and growing.”

“We looked at what succeeded for us in 2016 and made investments there,” he says. Ryan doesn’t want to specify the exact number of hires or how they will be apportioned. “We’re still rolling this out internally.”

Still, according to sources, we can figure that the Post newsroom will grow by more than 60 jobs — or 8 percent — an astounding number in this day and age. Such contrarian additions, of course, come at a time when newsroom staff reductions are the rule across daily journalism.

The ramping up of staffing and the boasting of big profits seems to be a public relations gimmick that has the intention of creating the perception that the glory days of Watergate are back. That was the last time that the WAPO went after a sitting president with extreme prejudice and happy days are here again.

But that perception would fly in the face of reality.

When a paper runs a column with a title as utterly fucking ridiculous as “As Trump prepares his kissy face for Putin, a glimpse into the dictator’s soul” then it is no longer a serious news organization.

But then the paper hasn’t been anything other than an overflowing toilet of anti-Trump hit pieces, CIA planted stories, neo-McCarthyist blacklists and shilling for wars that cost America trillions, kill and maim our brave military members and keep the coffers of K Street lobbyists filled to the brim.

WAPO should really stand for War And Propaganda Orifice.

Originally published at Downtrend.com

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