Washington State Attorney General Sues Trump as Battle Over Foreign Worker Visas Heats Up

Facing an assault of a legitimately elected chief executive never before seen in American history, President Donald Trump is being sued by court-clogging liberals over his controversial executive order restricting refugees and travelers from terror ridden countries. With the entire media once again in full attack mode against Trump, the lawsuits are mounting including one that reeks of political corruption oozing out of the state of Washington.

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson who just happens to be a Democrat has filed suit against Trump to have his executive order overturned as unconstitutional. While the presstitutes in the fake news industry will never go there it is worth mentioning that Washington State is the home of computer colossus Microsoft which stands to lose a great deal financially if their army of H-1B visa holders gets sent packing.

According to Zero Hedge “Washington State Sues Trump To Block Immigration Executive Order Nationwide, Microsoft Is Helping”:

One day after 16 democratic attorneys general across the United States condemned President Trump’s order to restrict people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the country, on Monday one of them – the Attorney General of Washington state – said he is filing a lawsuit against President Donald Trump over his immigration executive order.

Bob Ferguson announced Monday that he is filing a federal lawsuit against President Donald Trump, some high-ranking administration officials and the Department of Homeland Security. The attorney general’s office says the complaint asks U.S. District Court to declare unconstitutional key provisions of Trump’s executive order on immigration.

he lawsuit seeks to overturn and invalidate Trump’s new immigration policy nationwide, extending on similar partial rulings announced over the weekend by various Federal courts.

Ferguson’s office says the complaint claims that the president’s actions are “separating Washington families, harming thousands of Washington residents, damaging Washington’s economy, hurting Washington-based companies, and undermining Washington’s sovereign interest in remaining a welcoming place for immigrants and refugees.”


Ferguson said Washington is the first state to sue Trump’s administration over the immigration executive order. He is asking the court to schedule a hearing within 14 days. Officials said a copy of the complaint would be available on the attorney general’s website later in the day. Expect a flood of more lawsuits to hit court dockets in the coming days, bogging down the Trump administration with legal fights for months to come.

And in an unexpected twist, moments ago Reuters reported that instead of being enjoined by another AG, none other than Microsoft said it has been cooperating with the Washington State Attorney General’s Office, in its lawsuit to stop Trump’s immigration order. Microsoft said it was providing information about the order’s impact “in order to be supportive. And we’d be happy to testify further if needed,” spokesman Pete Wootton said in a statement.

To quote great American newsman and relentless critic of cultural decadence H.L. Mencken “the cynics are right nine times out of ten” which would apply to all of those who smell a rat in the lightning fast response by the Washington Attorney General’s office to sink Trump’s order.

In a recent story from the Puget Sound Business Journal “Trump set to restrict program for foreign tech workers used by Microsoft”:

President-elect Donald Trump and his pick for attorney general are gearing up to overhaul or scrap a program that allows companies like Microsoft to bring in highly skilled contract workers to fill tech jobs in the U.S.

Trump’s choice for attorney general, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), is on record as a harsh critic of Microsoft for using the H-1B visa program to fill job vacancies with foreign workers.

And with Trump taking over power Jan. 20, Microsoft and other tech companies are bracing for changes, according to The Washington Post.

Under the H-1B visa program, about 100,000 contract workers, mostly in the tech field, enter the U.S. every year, according to the Post. Most of the workers are from India. Some stay for years and eventually get green cards.

Microsoft and other companies say the visa program is necessary, because there is not enough tech talent in the U.S. to fill jobs. Trump calls the H-1B visas “a cheap labor program.” His allies in Congress say they will introduce the Protect and Grow American Jobs Act to scrap the program, according to the Post.

Trump’s stances on trade, foreign jobs, clean energy and immigration could present problems for the U.S. tech industry.

The potential for a bumpy relationship with the new administration comes at a time when tech companies like Microsoft are increasingly looking toward the public sector for business, especially in providing cloud-computing services to federal agencies.

A key issue for Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) is its reliance on foreign tech workers. Immigration and foreign workers in the U.S. have been a cornerstone of Trump’s campaign. Microsoft has already drawn fire from Sessions and other Republican leaders in Congress over the H-1B visa program, a guest-worker program heavily used by Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) and other tech titans that say they can’t find enough skilled U.S. workers to fill tech openings.

The legislation expected to come out of Congress would primarily be aimed at large outsourcing companies that feed foreign tech workers to U.S. companies such as Microsoft.

Look for the lawsuits over Trump’s executive order to provide even more ammunition for obstructionist Democrats in the Senate who will be resuming the trial and inquisition of Jeff Sessions who has become a prized target of liberals and their deep-pocketed allies in Silicon Valley precisely because he believes in putting America first. The high stakes of the H-1B battle is well known by Senate Dems who will be eager to find a way to stick it to Sessions and earn the lasting gratitude of a pack of greedy weasels who nearly unanimously backed Hillary Clinton.

The same thing can’t be said of Bob Ferguson, Bill Gates and all of the other Big Tech bagmen who are staking their political futures on keeping the foreign labor streaming into Redmond, WA and other locales.

Originally published at Downtrend.com

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