WikiLeaks Touts Mysterious ‘Vault 7’ in Series of Cryptic Tweets

Whistleblower organization WikiLeaks has been flying under the radar after helping to derail the Clinton crime family with the pre-election release of tens of thousands of emails belonging to slimy Democrat operative John Podesta. The Podesta Emails were leaked in agonizing installments and exposed the dirty and quite possibly sinister machinations of top figures in the Clinton campaign.

After Hillary went down in flames it was WikiLeaks and its leader Julian Assange who bore the brunt of establishment fury. Accusations of collusion with the evil Vladimir Putin in order to swing the election to Donald Trump were pushed by the media and high Obama administration officials dominated the media until Barry and his mob exited from power.

While Wikileaks went fairly dark for a few months the organization indicated that it had big things planned for 2017:

Now that the calendar has turned a series of cryptic tweets from Wikileaks referencing “Vault 7” have come out in the past week:

Mrs. Clinton has not surrendered and has been acting as if she were the head of an opposition government with her ongoing instigation of the leftist street mobs that by all appearances are being mobilized for a domestic color revolution of the type that George Soros has backed in former Soviet states.

The one thing that could stop her is the release of more incriminating information – such as the missing emails which may or may not be contained in Vault 7. It’s a lot of buildup for anything less than a major document dump.

Could this be the motherlode?

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