Young Turks Morons Claim Leftist Berkeley Riot Was a ‘Reichstag Fire’ False Flag Event

As the Trump Derangement Syndrome afflicted left drifts closer toward the realm of domestic terrorism some liberals are sweating the bad optics of events like the violence that erupted at UC Berkeley on Wednesday night.

Intolerant hooligans stormed the campus in a successful drive to shut down free speech and a performance by acerbic Breitbart personality Milo Yiannopoulos. The proud to be politically incorrect social critic happens to be a gay man who is particularly reviled by the political correctness Nazis on the left because he is a conservative and the liberals would have you believe that they have a monopoly on the LGBT demographic.

Flash mobs much like the ones that have been popping up since President Trump was sworn in engaged in unspeakable acts of mayhem as they burned and pillaged, beat up innocent bystanders and forced the university to cancel Yiannopoulos’ show citing safety reasons.

But it may have been a bridge too far as the Berkeley havoc has drawn criticism from many outside of the corrupt establishment media for the left’s ongoing morphing into the sort of thugs historically associated with early 20th century communism, fascism or Nazism.

A few influential Democratic party shills are now pushing the meme that the criminals who ransacked the Berkeley campus weren’t leftists at all but rather “right-wingers” who were carrying out a false flag operation to discredit the so-called “resistance”.

The hosts of the far-left Young Turks in particular are pushing the conspiracy theory that the attacks were actually the responsibility of 4 Chan, Alt-Right provocateurs who are using the model of Adolf Hitler’s infamous Reichstag Fire as a model to – get this – destroy the liberal educational system in America.

According to the website Heat Street “‘Young Turks’ Hosts Think Berkeley Riot Was Actually Right-Wing Plot to Destroy Education”:

Hosts of the hyper-progressive and massively popular YouTube talk show The Young Turks are suggesting that the rioting at the University of California, Berkeley this week was actually part of a right-wing plot to destroy education.

In a video published yesterday, The Young Turks, a show strangely named after perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide, discussed UC’s Berkeley’s decision to shut down the Milo Yiannopoulos speaking event and the unrest that followed. The hosts of the show, Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, claimed nobody really knows who the rioters were, and insisted that Berkeley students themselves played no part in the violent protests.

Uygur, who is often fuzzy on the details of the Armenian Genocide, was very clear on the details of his bizarre conspiracy, suggesting that the riot on the campus was actually a right-wing plot because “a true progressive doesn’t do violence by definition.”

The host added: ” If you are ever in a protest like this and you see people who do violence, stand away from them and point them out to the authorities. Because what they are doing is smearing you.”

He suggested it might have been people from 4chan, the infamous online forum, who left their computers and came out masked to cause violence and use a “Reichstag fire” to bring about a crackdown on education:

Could the right wing come in masked, could it be 4chan guys, who come in to cause trouble, so they could then turn around and do exactly what they did today? ‘Oh, you’ve got to take away the funding from Berkeley. I mean they are teaching science over there, they don’t teach facts … What a convenient Reichstag fire we just had.’

“You guys don’t understand how problematic all of this is,” co-host Kasparian said. “If it was a clever strategy by the right, congratulations it’s working. But don’t play into this.”

It’s not only Shrek Uygur and his foul-mouthed harpy Ana Kasparian who are spinning like tops in order to distract attention from the marauding leftist mobs that they have done so much to incite. Former Clinton administration official Robert Reich (spelled just like the Third Reich) went on CNN and said exactly the same thing which is an indication that it is a centrally produced talking point distributed to the mouthpieces for the “resistance” movement.

Mr. Sulu from Star Trek also floated the talking point that it was “right-wing” troublemakers disguised as leftists behind the Berkeley unrest.

The ugly truth is that the incessant propaganda to build up Trump into a monster that is the equivalent of the new Hitler has worked too well and the Democrats are losing control of their own useful idiots. Not that George Soros minds a bit of violence though as he is well versed in the overthrow of legitimately elected governments using such tactics. Thanks to the Clinton dead-enders and their media lackeys we now have the perfect conditions for a civil war and can expect to see more Berkeley’s as the fury against Trump continues to build to a crescendo.

At some point in this ongoing madness there will have to be an intervention by law enforcement or even military troops to quell the violence, this would be particularly ironic considering the left’s newfound appreciation for martial law.

The Reichstag circa 1933

UC Berkeley circa 2017

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